Volume 26:4 - Institute for Justice and Liberty & Law Center at ASLS Symposium 2018

Volume 26:4 – SPRING 2019


  • David E. Bernstein, Class Legislation, Fundamental Rights, and the Origins of Lochner and Liberty of Contract, 26 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2019) (working copy).
  • Howard Gillman, What Is, and Isn’t, Currently Disputed About Lochner Era Police Powers Jurisprudence (a response to David E. Bernstein)
  • Anthony B. Sanders, “Privileges and/or Immunities” in State Constitutions Before the Fourteenth Amendment
  • Evan D. Bernick, Optimizing the Oxymoron: Substantive Due Process Justice Thomas Could Love
  • Christopher R. Green, Our Bipartisan Due Process Clause
  • Ilya Shapiro and Josh Blackman, The Once and Future Privileges or Immunities Clause


  • Robert D. Anderson, Alison Jones & William E. Kovacic, Preventing Corruption, Supplier Collusion, and the Corrosion of Civic Trust: A Procompetitive Program to Improve the Effectiveness and Legitimacy of Public Procurement



  • Patrick A. Wallace, The Long Arm of the EU: The Reach of Brussels’ Data Protection Regime into the United States
  • Tyler J. Kubik, The Efficiencies Defense After Anthem: Asymmetric Burdens and Strict Scrutiny of Merger Efficiencies