Congratulations to GMLR's 2019-2020 Candidate Members

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Congratulations to GMLR’s 2019-2020 Candidate Members

Please join us in congratulating the newest candidate members of the George Mason Law Review:

Justin Angotti
Ruth Davila
Harrisson Kummer
Harry Arnold
Charles de Azagra
Cody Milner
William Bartle
Gelane Diamond
Mahlon Mowrer
Kirk Bowersox
Trenton Hafley
Tuong-anh Pham
Kevin Case
Jeremy Hall
Lea Schild
Henry Chen
Kristopher Hiser
Kara Schmidt
Nichole Christensen
Ethan Hoffman
Tim Swartz
Sarah Christensen
Mary Horn
Zach Villemez
Brady Clapp
Miranda Isaacs
David Wallach
Stephanie Comstock
Ben Janacek
Tierney Walls
Joshua Cornwell
Sydney Jolliffe
Sam Whiting
Anne Cotter
Yatzek Krzepicki
William Wilkinson