2020 Write-On Competition

2020 Write-On Competition

The Write-On Competition offers students the opportunity to join one of Scalia Law’s five journals: George Mason Law Review; Civil, Rights Law Journal; Journal of Law, Economics & Policy; International Law Journal; and National Security Law Journal. Only students who participate in the Write-On Competition will be considered for journal membership.

The Write-On Competition requires participants to write a short, scholarly Comment using a provided set of source materials; complete a Bluebook exercise; and submit a resume. Some participating journals also require a brief interest statement.

The 2020 Write-On Competition will take place from Friday, May 15 to Sunday, May 31, 2020.

The Write-On Competition is run entirely through the 2020 Write-On Competition TWEN page. The TWEN page contains competition instructions and requirements; journal-specific information; an anonymous forum for questions; and Write-On resources, including sample Write-On Comments. The source materials and Bluebook exercise will be added to the page when the competition officially begins.

Questions about the 2020 Write-On Competition can be emailed to Senior Notes Editor Justin Angotti. Questions about George Mason Law Review can be emailed to Editor-in-Chief Lea Schild.