Volume 27:3 - Antitrust Symposium 2020

Volume 27:3 – Antitrust Symposium 2020

Featuring Articles and Essays from the George Mason Law Review’s 23rd Annual Antitrust Symposium: Antitrust’s Competing 2020 Visions (held February 21, 2020)


  • Bernard (Barry) A. Nigro, Jr., Competing for the Future: Remarks at the George Mason Law Review 23rd Annual Antitrust Symposium, 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 719 (2020).
  • Roger D. Blair, Christine S. Wilson, D. Daniel Sokol, Keith Klovers, & Jeremy Sandford, Vertical Mergers, Economic Effects, and Legal Presumptions, 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2020).
  • Kevin Caves & Hal Singer, Competing Approaches to Antitrust: An Application in the Payment Card Industry, 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2020).
  • William E. Kovacic, Antitrust, Government Procurement, and Mergers in High Technology Industries: A United Launch Alliance Retrospective , 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2020).


  • Connor D. Woodfin, Preserving the Virginia Constitution’s Prohibition on Special Legislation, 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2020).
  • Ross Broudy, Remastering Termination Rights: Why Remastered Sound Recordings Should Never Be Considered Derivative Works as to Circumvent Copyright Termination, 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2020).
  • Emily Kvalheim, Considering The Refugee Act’s “Particular Social Group” Under Chevron Step One: Why Reviewing Courts Should Employ Cardoza Fonseca‘s “Traditional Tools Of Statutory Construction” In Asylum Cases , 27 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2020).