Volume 27:1 - Fall 2019

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Volume 27:1 – Fall 2019



  • Ronald A. Cass, Nationwide Injunctions’ Governance Problems: Forum-Shopping, Politicizing Courts, and Eroding Constitutional Structure
  • Amy K. Lehr, Fiduciary Duties for a Globalized World: Stakeholder Theory Reconceived
  • Katherine Florey, Resituating Territoriality
  • Sean M. O’Connor, Distinguishing Different Kinds of Property in Patents and Copyrights
  • James A. Heilpern, Acting Officers


  • MJ Egan, When Current Becomes Past…Where Is the Line? The ADA’S Safe Harbor Provision, the Opioid Crisis, & the Search for a Solution
  • Richard J. Markel, A Procedure to Play Fair After Wayfair: What CivPro Can Teach Us About the Reach of State Sales Tax in the E-Commerce Era.