Volume 26:3 - Symposium on Administrative Law 2019

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Volume 26:3 – CSAS Symposium 2019

Featuring Articles and Essays from the 1st Annual Symposium on Administrative Law hosted by the C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State and the George Mason Law Review


  • Richard J. Pierce, Jr., The Court Should Change the Scope of the Removal Power by Adopting a Purely Functional Approach, 26 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2019) (working copy).
  • Kent Barnett, Due Process for Article III—Rethinking Murray’s Lessee, 26 Geo. Mason L. Rev. __ (2019) (working copy).
  • Linda D. Jellum, “You’re Fired!” Why the ALJ Multi-Track Dual Removal Provisions Violate the Constitution and Possible Fixes
  • James A. Heilpern, Temporary Officers
  • Richard A. Epstein, Structural Protections for Individual Rights: The Indispensable Role of Article III––or even Article I––Courts in the Administrative State
  • Michael B. Rappaport, Replacing Agency Adjudication with Independent Administrative Courts
  • David M. Wagner, It’s Saenz: Following Justice Thomas’s Teaching on the Public Rights Exception from Non-Article III Adjudication to Fourteenth Amendment Privileges or Immunities
  • Jack M. Beermann, Administrative Adjudication and Adjudicators
  • Thomas W. Merrill, Fair and Impartial Adjudication
  • Michael Asimow, Best Practices for Evidentiary Hearings Outside the Administrative Procedure Act



  • Jordan Hutcheson, CTRL+Shift: Defining Authorization Under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
  • Hailey Wilkes, Per Se Reversible Error or Harmless Error Review?: The Consequence of Failing to Poll a Civil Jury After FRCP Rule 48(C)