Congratulations to Members Chosen for Publication

The George Mason Law Review is proud to congratulate the following student authors who have been selected for publication in the Law Review:

1. Sean ClergetTiming is of the Essence: Reviving the Neutral Law of General Applicability Standard and Applying it to Restrictions Against Religious Face Coverings Worn While Testifying in Court (2011 Adrian S. Fisher Award, Best Student Note or Comment)

2. James Kim – For a Good Cause: Reforming the Good Cause Exception to Notice and Comment Rulemaking under the Administrative Procedure Act

3. Chelsea A. Sizemore – Enforcing Islamic Mahr Agreements: The American Judge’s Interpretational Dilemma

4. Lora E. Barnhart – Citizens United v. Central Hudson: A Rationale for Simplifying and Clarifying the First Amendment’s Protections for Non-Political Advertisements

5. Robyn Burrows – Judicial Confusion and the Digital Drug Dog Sniff: Pragmatic Solutions Permitting Warrantless Hashing of Known Illegal Files

6. Paisly Bender – Exposing the Hidden Penalties of Pleading Guilty: A Revision of the Collateral Consequences Rule

7. Matthew McGuire – (Mis)Understanding “Undue Discrimination:” FERC’s Attempt to Encourage Transmission Infrastructure Investment by Protecting Independent Transmission Companies

8. Mark F. DiGiovanni Weeding Out a New Theory of Insider Trading Liability and Cultivating an Heirloom Variety: A Proposed Response to SEC v. Dorozhko

9. Carly Humphrey – Keep Recording: Why On-Duty Police Officers Do Not Have a Protected Expectation of Privacy Under Maryland’s State Wiretap Act

10. Genevieve McCarthy – A Short-lived Benchmark: How the Supreme Court Deviated from Brown v. Board Long Before Parents Involved