Congratulations to the New Candidate Members

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Please join us in congratulating the 2010-2011 candidate members of the George Mason Law Review:

Lora Barnhart
Paisley Bender
Catherine M. Brown
Erik Burggraf
Robyn Burrows
Joshua Chamberlain
Sean Clerget
Mark DiGiovanni
Angela Diveley
Alissa Dutrow
Stephen Foster
Adam C. Fowles
Ashley Fry
Emily Harp
Kalynn Hughes
Carly Humphrey
James Kim
Alysa Kociuruba
Matthew Long
Genevieve McCarthy
Matthew McGuire
Linda America Santiago
Catherine Schmierer
Meredith Schramm-Strosser
Zach Shoup
Chelsea Sizemore
Stacey Sklaver
Mark Smatlak
Raymond B. Sperry

Thank you to all the first-year students who participated in this year’s Write-on Competition and to the other journals for helping the Law Review put together another successful competition.