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The George Mason Law Review is proud to congratulate the following student authors who have been selected for publication in the Law Review:

1. Kelsey Wilbanks, If It’s Broke, Fix It: The Future of Low-Cost 3D Printing For Home Objects, and the Need For a Better Patent Law Standard Between Innocent Repair and Infringing Reconstruction (Adrian S. Fisher Award, Best Student Note or Comment)

2. Scott Brooks, Guilty By Reason of Insanity: Why a Malaligned Defense Demands a Constitutional Right of Inquiry on Voir Dire

3. Erin Hoffert, Animal Science and Minn-Chem: A New Era in Interpreting the Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act

4. Lauren Fredericksen, Falling Through the Cracks of Title VII: The Plight of the Unpaid Intern

5. Catherine Wauters, No Alien Left Detained? A Not-So “Specially Dangerous” Exception to the Government’s Limited Detention Authority

6. James McMahon, Section 1983 Causes of Action Under the Contracts Clause of the Constitution

7. Michelle Caton, Form over Fairness: How the Supreme Court’s Misreading of the Federal Arbitration Act Has Left Consumers in a Lurch

8. Corinne Stuart, The Applicability of the Prior Restraint Doctrine to False Advertising Law

9. Martin Desjardins, Ecosystem Services: Unifying Economic Efficiency and Ecological Stewardship via Natural Resource Damage Assessments Under CERCLA

10. Stephen Meli, Do You Have a License To Say That? Occupational Licensing and Internet Speech