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George Mason Law Review is a student-managed academic journal that publishes five issues a year.  Members of GMLR select and edit scholarly articles written by law professors and practitioners that greatly contribute to the field of legal scholarship. Members also have the opportunity to write a casenote or comment, a number of which are published in George Mason Law Review. All first-year students who have a desire to participate in this organization should prepare for both the challenges and the fulfillment of membership. The following list briefly outlines membership requirements and responsibilities:

The Write-On Competition

  • Students who wish to become Candidate Members of George Mason Law Review MUST participate in the annual Antonin Scalia Law School Write-On Competition. The Write-On Competition packet is released shortly after the conclusion of spring finals in mid-May.
  • Participants in the Write-On Competition write a short casenote or comment using only the cases and articles in the competitor’s packet. No other research is allowed. Participants also must complete a short Bluebook exercise.
  • The same casenote or comment can be used for application to George Mason Law Review, Civil Rights Law Journal, Journal of International Commercial Law, Journal of Law, Economics & Policy, and National Security Law Journal.
  • For examples of student casenotes and comments published by George Mason Law Review, please see the Issues Page.
  • Please see the Write-On Info page for more information regarding the ASLS Write-On Competition.

Membership Selection

  • The Write-On selection process is conducted anonymously.  George Mason Law Review will not know the identities of Write-On participants until after they are selected.
  • GMLR can only extend offers of membership to students in the top half of the class, based on cumulative GPA for the first year.
  • GMLR will select participants for Candidate Membership from two pools.  GMLR reads every submission in both pools. Participants in the top 15% of the first-year class will comprise Pool 1.  GMLR will make offers for Candidate Membership to two-thirds of participants in Pool 1, based on the scores of their Write-On submissions. Those not selected from Pool 1 will have their entries included in Pool 2 for further review. The remaining offers for Candidate Membership will go to the participants who have the best entries in Pool 2. The number of offers made is at the discretion of the Review Committee.
  • GMLR extends Candidate Membership offers to approximately thirty to thirty-five students each year.

Candidate and Full Membership

  • Candidate Members must complete a footnote editing assignment in mid-August and attend an orientation before the fall semester starts.
  • Candidate Members do not become Full Members until they (1) write a casenote or comment of publishable quality; (2) complete all required spading assignments (footnote editing) and other journal work; and (3) complete a training program on writing a casenote or comment.
  • Full Members have an opportunity to apply for positions on the Board of Editors in the spring. The new Board will be responsible for managing Law Review the following year.

Transfer Students

  • George Mason Law Review holds a separate Write-On competition in July for interested transfer applicants. Participants are required to complete a similar assignment to that completed by students who participated in the ASLS student Write-On Competition.
  • Please see the Write-On Info page for more information regarding the ASLS Transfer Write-On Competition.


If you have any questions regarding this process, Law Review, or Candidate Membership in general, please contact Editor-in-Chief Gabby Mahan at