Masthead 2009-2010

  • | Volume 24 | Volume 24:5 Now Available Online!

  • | News | Sara Almousa Awarded First Place Prize by ASECA for Her Article “Friends with Benefits?”

  • | News | Register Today for the 21st Annual Antitrust Symposium

  • | News | Antitrust Writing Awards for 2016 – Two GMLR Pieces Selected by Awards Committee for Final Competition

  • | Antitrust | 14th Annual Symposium on Antitrust Law, February 9, 2011

2009 – 2010

 Alyssa H. DaCunha
 Executive Editor 
 Darren H. Weiss
Managing EditorProduction EditorSymposium Editor
Mark A. CowenTaryn A. Elliott
Laura Marks O'Brien
Senior Articles EditorSenior Notes EditorSenior Research Editor
David PettitGeorge W. Ingham
Joshua Newborn
Articles Editors
Adam Aft
Dylan S. Brown
Tom Cummins
Notes Editors
Michael Rizzo
Craig Rust
Rosanne Rust
Research Editors
Kent A. Gibson
Austin Mills
Conor Reilly
 Associate Editors
Andrew Basler
Philip A. Cooke
Kyle Epting
Katie Polk
Ashley M. Sprague
Rachel Talbot
Erin Watkins
Bryan Andersen
Joseph Barrier
Mitchell A. Bashur
Aaron Brotman
Edward R. Brown
Mitchell Calhoun
Kieran Carter
Lindsey Champlin
Teresa Chin
Nathan Chubb
Peter Cockrell
Brendan Coffman
Cattleya Concepcion
Stephanie Cook
Joshua Cumby
Michael D'Anello
Kevin J. Daniel
Jessica Farace
Matthew T.M. Feeks
Geoffrey B. Fehling
Henry Gola
Jeremy Graboyes
Kelly Hollrah
Julie M. Honan
Bret Lee
Michael Manteuffel
Valerie Pahler
Janice Pardue
Anthony Peluso
Kevin Pettrey
Isaac Post
Wendi J. Powell
Andrew J. Ra Jr.
Kendal Smith
Jacob Stewart
Tony Tran
James Wang
Patrick Woolley
Zach Olson
 Faculty Advisor
Neomi Rao

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