February 11, 2014

George Mason University School of Law has nominated Kelsey B. Wilbanks for the 2014 Burton Award for Distinguished Legal Writing by a Law School Student for her Comment titled “The Challenges of 3D Printing to the Repair-Reconstruction Doctrine in Patent Law.”  This award honors law school students for clear, concise, and comprehensive legal writing.  Kelsey, who serves as a Notes Editor for the George Mason Law Review, had her comment published in Volume 20, Issue Number 4 of the George Mason Law Review.  In her comment, Kelsey explores the difficulty 3D-printing poses for the traditional patent law categories of legal repairs and illegal reconstructions, and argues that the current, complex legal standards will lead to arbitrary litigation between patent-holders and frugal consumers, compelling the Supreme Court to redefine the repair-reconstruction doctrine to accommodate the emergence of 3D printing.  We wish Kelsey the best of luck in this prestigious competition.