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Volume 24:4 – SUmmer 2017


  • Stan Liebowitz, The Case for Copyright
  • Kevin Madigan & Adam Mossoff, Turning Gold Into Lead: How Patent Eligibility Doctrine is Undermining U.S. Leadership in Innovation
  • Walter G. Park, Averting a “Tripsxit” From the Global Intellectual Property System
  • Kristina M. L. Acri, née Lybecker, Economic Growth and Prosperity Stem from Effective Intellectual Property Rights
  • Jiarui Liu, The Predatory Effects of Copyright Piracy
  • Brett Danaher & Michael D. Smith, Digital Piracy, Film Quality, and Social Welfare


  • Danielle Barondess, [ADA]pting Policies & Practices: Applying Title II’s Reasonable Modifications Requirement to Law Enforcement Interactions with Individuals with Disabilities
  • Lisa Mathews, Hobby Lobby and Hobbes to the Rescue: Clarifying RLUIPA’S Confusing Substantial Burden Test for Land-Use Cases