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Volume 24:5 – Fall Symposium 2017

Featuring Articles and Essays from the 20th Annual Antitrust Symposium: Twenty Years in Antitrust and Lessons for a New Administration


  • Douglas H. Ginsburg & John M. Taladay, Comity’s Enduring Vitality in a Globalized World
  • Koren W. Wong-Ervin, Evan Hicks & Ariel Slonim, Tying and Bundling Involving Standard-Essential Patents
  • Joanna Tsai & Yajin Jiang, Unlocking Cross-Jurisdictional Mergers: Is Economics the Key to Convergence?
  • Gabriella Monahova, Chetan Sanghvi & John Scalf, From Staples to Staples: 20 Years of Merger Enforcement in the United States
  • Zhao Bingling & He Jing, How China Enforcement Agencies and Court Shape Antitrust Policies On Vertical Restraints


  • C. Boyden Gray, Extra Icing on An Unconstitutional Cake Already Frosted? A Constitutional Recipe for the CFPB
  • Nelson Lund, Fourth Circuit Shootout: “Assault Weapons” and the Second Amendment


  • Theresa Du, Cece v. Holder: The Inadequacy of the Asylum Process in Helping Potential Human Trafficking Victims
  • Shannon Russell, The Burden Is Undue: Whole Woman’s Health and the Evolution, Clarification, and Application of the Undue Burden Standard
  • Daniel Shapiro, The Powers of Economic War and Peace: The Constitutionality of the Protecting Florida’s Investments Act