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Volume 26:1 – intellectual property edition 2018

The following pieces come from the George Mason Law Review’s 2017 Intellectual Property Symposium with the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property.



  • Gary Lawson, Appointments and Illegal Adjudication: The America Invents Act Through a Constitutional Lens
  • Sandra M. Aistars, Ensuring Only Good Claims in Small Packages: A Response to Scholarly Concerns About a Proposed Small Copyright Claims Tribunal
  • Mark Schultz, Debra Waggoner, Roy Kamphausen, Kevin Madigan, Using IP Best Practices Dialogues to Improve IP Systems Globally: The Example of the Trade Secrets Law Best Practices Dialogue
  • Ryan T. Holte, Clarity in Remedies for Patent Cases
  • Erika Lietzan, Paper Promises for Drug Innovation
  • Sean M. O’Connor, The Multiple Levels of “Property” in IP and Why That Matters for the Natural Versus Regulatory IP Debates

Guest Commentary

  • Gregory Salmieri, Intellectual Property and the Freedom Needed to Solve the Crisis of Resistant Infections


  • Jay Kaplan, Finding the Middle Ground: A Proposed Solution to the Net Neutrality Debate
  • Whitney J. Gregory, Honeypots: Not for Winnie the Pooh but for Winnie the Pedo—Law Enforcement’s Lawful Use of Technology to Catch Perpetrators and Help Victims of Child Exploitation on the Dark Web