Congratulations to the Members Chosen for Publication

The George Mason Law Review is proud to congratulate the following student authors who have been selected for publication in the Law Review:

1. Raven Merlau, The State Giveth and the State Taketh: Constitutional Pension Protections and the Retroactive Removal of Public Pension Tax Exemptions (Adrian S. Fisher Award, Best Student Note or Comment)

2. Wesley E. Weeks, Picking Up the Tab for Your Competitors: Innovator Liability After PLIVA, Inc. v. Mensing

3. Lauren Hahn, Juvenile Justice and Piracy: Prosecution of Juvenile Pirates in the United States

4. Mark D. Quist, “Plumbing the Depths” of the CDA: Weighing the Competing Fourth and Seventh Circuit Standards of ISP Immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

5. Lisa P. Goldstein, Janus Capital Group: Why the Supreme Court’s Most Recent Securities Law Opinion Is Likely to Backfire

6. Matthew R. Bowles, Speak Now or Forever Be Overruled: Giving Deference to Political “Judgment” in EPA Rulemakings

7. Sarah Collins, Remember the Fourth Amendment?: Seizing Children in Homes with Drug Use but No Evidence of Neglect

8. Steve Lavender, Extending the Noerr-Pennington Doctrine to Regional Transmission Organization Petitioners on a Case By Case Basis

9. Jack Jarrett, What’s in a Name? Why Judicially-Named Grounds for Vacating Arbitral Awards Should Remain Available in Light of Hall Street

10. Muhammad Elsayed, Contracting into Religious Law: Anti-Sharia Enactments and the Free Exercise Clause