Brief Submitted to SCOTUS Cites Former Law Review Senior Articles Editor Lora Barnhart Driscoll

April 30, 2014

A student comment authored by former George Mason Law Review Senior Articles Editor Lora Barnhart Driscoll received a mention in an amici curiae brief, in Hunter v. Virginia State Bar, submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year.

The brief quoted from Ms. Driscoll’s 2011 article titled, “Citizens United v. Central Hudson: A Rationale for Simplifying and Clarifying the First Amendment’s Protections for Nonpolitical Advertisements.” The article appeared in Volume 19, Issue 1 of the Law Review.

“They actually quoted from a portion of my analysis section, which makes it even more terrific since student pieces are usually only cited for background,” Ms. Driscoll said.

The brief was submitted by a trio of nonprofit organizations advocating the rights of free speech and the press. It sought Supreme Court review of Hunter v. Virginia State Bar, a 2013 case in which the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that a state bar association did not violate a lawyer’s First Amendment rights when it disciplined him for posting potentially misleading content on a blog. The federal court declined to take up the case.

Ms. Driscoll was a member of the Law Review’s 2011-2012 editorial board. She graduated from George Mason University School of Law in May 2013.

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