Congratulations to GMLR’s 2019-2020 Candidate Members

Please join us in congratulating the newest candidate members of the George Mason Law Review:

Justin Angotti
Ruth Davila
Harrisson Kummer
Harry Arnold
Charles de Azagra
Cody Milner
William Bartle
Gelane Diamond
Mahlon Mowrer
Kirk Bowersox
Trenton Hafley
Tuong-anh Pham
Kevin Case
Jeremy Hall
Lea Schild
Henry Chen
Kristopher Hiser
Kara Schmidt
Nichole Christensen
Ethan Hoffman
Tim Swartz
Sarah Christensen
Mary Horn
Zach Villemez
Brady Clapp
Miranda Isaacs
David Wallach
Stephanie Comstock
Ben Janacek
Tierney Walls
Joshua Cornwell
Sydney Jolliffe
Sam Whiting
Anne Cotter
Yatzek Krzepicki
William Wilkinson

GMLR Cited by Justice Gorsuch in Kisor Concurrence

The Law Review is excited to share that Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch cited Lessons from the Lost History of Seminole Rock by Sanne H. Knudsen and Amy Wildermuth in his concurring opinion in Kisor v. Wilkie. The article appeared in our issue from the Law & Economics Center’s Public Policy Conference: Administration Unbound? Delegation, Deference, And Discretion.

To see how the Auer doctrine fared in Kisor v. Wilkie, click here and click the conference issue link above to brush up on your administrative law knowledge with other great articles. 

For more administrative law scholarship, stay tuned for our upcoming issue from the First Annual Symposium on Administrative Law, vol 26:3, hosted by the C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State and the George Mason Law Review. 

Congratulations to the New 2019-2020 Board of Editors!

The George Mason Law Review presents the 2019-2020 Board of Editors.


Conor D. Woodfin
Executive Editors

Ashton L. Copeland
Richard J. Markel
Managing Editor

Olivia Muller
Production Editor

Wendy Cousler
Developments Editor

Gregory Wagner
Symposium Editor

Evan Moore
Senior Articles Editor

Briana McLeod
Senior Notes Editor

Zackary Rogers
Senior Research Editor

Conrad Meek
Articles Editors

Ryan Ansloan
Ross Broudy
Clayton T. Buckner
Emily Kvalheim
Notes Editors

Olivia Gómez
Kyle McCauley
Anne Philpot
Research Editors

Josh McKenney
Evan McMahan
Stephanie Neville
Casey Watts

Robert Brosh
Giovanni Carillo
MJ Egan
Associate Editors

Ian W. Fraser
Kate Gaziano
Victoria Glover

Jessica C. Hutto-Schultz
Taylor Klauza
Alec Royka

Volume 24:5 Now Available Online!

George Mason Law Review Volume 24 Issue 5 is now online! This issue features articles and essays from the George Mason Law Review’s 20th Annual Antitrust Symposium: Twenty Years in Antitrust and Lessons for a New Administration. This issue also features development pieces from the Honorable C. Boyden Gray and Professor Nelson Lund.

Find all the articles here!

Congratulations to the New 2018-2019 Board of Editors!

The George Mason Law Review is pleased to present the 2018-2019 Board of Editors.


Gabriella Mahan
Executive Editors

Kelly E. Deibler
Bob Minchin
Managing Editor

Nikole Snyder
Production Editor

Patrick A. Wallace
Developments Editor

Robert Smith
Symposium Editor

Dylan P. Naegele
Senior Articles Editor

Alyssa Vallar
Senior Notes Editor

Hailey Wilkes
Senior Research Editor

Mallory Meaney
Articles Editors

Vanessa Duguay
Amy Hmood
Jordan Hutcheson
Jay Kaplan
Notes Editors

Christopher M. Carter
Whitney Gregory
Travis Royer
Research Editors

Heidi A. Hall
Gregory Michel
Jessica Nejberger
Cassandra G. Sciortino


GMLR Student Comment Cited by Federal Court

Former George Mason Law Review member Danielle Ely’s (’16) scholarly examination of copyright law for pre-1972 works has earned notice in the federal courts. In June 2016, Judge John J. Tharp, Jr. of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois cited Ely’s student comment in an opinion in the case Sheridan v. iHeartMediaEly’s comment, entitled “We Can Work It Out: Why Full Federalization of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Is Necessary to Clarify Ambiguous and Inconsistent State Copyright Laws,” was published in George Mason Law Review Volume 23 Issue 3.

Ely has served as a Legal Fellow at the National Music Publishers’ Association and currently works in the Business & Legal Affairs division at Discovery Communications.


Sara Almousa Awarded First Place Prize by ASECA for Her Article “Friends with Benefits?”

February 11, 2018

Please join the Law Review in congratulating member, Sara Almousa on her first place award in the Securities Law Writing Competition hosted by the Association of Securities Exchange Commission Alumni, Inc. Ms Almousa’s article,  Friends with Benefits? Clarifying the Role Relationships Play in Satisfying the Personal Benefit Requirement Under Tipper-Tippee Liability, was published in Volume 23 Issue 5.

Check out Ms. Almousa’s article here!

GMLR Student Comment Awarded ABA’s Mendes Hershman Award

January 25, 2018


Please join the Law Review in congratulating member, Timothy M. Snyder on being awarded the American Bar Association Business Law Section’s Mendes Hershman Award. Mr. Snyder’s article, You’re Fired! A Case for Agency Moderation of Machine Data in the Employment Context, which was published in Volume 24 Issue 1, received the first place prize and he was invited to attend the ABA Business Law Section’s Spring Meeting.

Check out the article here!

Register Today for the 21st Annual Antitrust Symposium

The George Mason Law Review, in partnership with the Law and Economics Center, proudly presents:

21st Annual Antitrust Symposium

The Consumer Welfare Standard: From The Antitrust Paradox to Hipster Antitrust


When: Friday, February 16, 2018, 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Location: George Mason University, Antonin Scalia Law School
Founders Hall Auditorium
3351 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201

Register Today!

This symposium will focus on recent challenges aimed at “reinvigorating” antitrust enforcement agencies and institutions have called into question the economic approach to antitrust. The “Hipster Antitrust” movement represents a departure from the longstanding nonpartisan consensus that rigorous economic analysis is a key ingredient to robust competition policy – a consensus that finds its roots in Robert Bork’s, The Antitrust Paradox. This symposium will highlight the current debates in antitrust in the context of their application in merger policy, common ownership and passive investment, vertical restraints, and the goals of antitrust.