Brief Submitted to SCOTUS Cites Former Law Review Senior Articles Editor Lora Barnhart Driscoll

A student comment authored by former George Mason Law Review Senior Articles Editor Lora Barnhart Driscoll received a mention in an amici curiae brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year.

The brief quoted from Ms. Driscoll’s 2011 article titled, “Citizens United v. Central Hudson: A Rationale for Simplifying and Clarifying the First Amendment’s Protections for Nonpolitical Advertisements.” The article appeared in Volume 19, Issue 1 of the Law Review.

“They actually quoted from a portion of my analysis section, which makes it even more terrific since student pieces are usually only cited for background,” Ms. Driscoll said.

The brief was submitted by a trio of nonprofit organizations advocating the rights of free speech and the press. It sought Supreme Court review of Hunter v. Virginia State Bar, a 2013 case in which the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled that a state bar association did not violate a lawyer’s First Amendment rights when it disciplined him for posting potentially misleading content on a blog. The federal court declined to take up the case.

Ms. Driscoll was a member of the Law Review’s 2011-2012 editorial board. She graduated from George Mason University School of Law in May 2013.