Congratulations to Members Selected for Publication!

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Congratulations to Members Selected for Publication!

Please join the George Mason Law Review in congratulating the following students whose student notes were selected for publication in 2017-2018!

Top Student Comment: Theresa Du, Cece v. Holder: The Inadequacy of the Asylum Process in Helping Potential Human Trafficking Victims

Shannon Russell, The Burden is Undue: Whole Woman’s Health and the Evolution, Clarification, and Application of the Undue Burden Standard

Daniel Shapiro, The Powers of Economic War and Peace: The Constitutionality of the Protecting Florida’s Investments Act

Daniel Masakayan, The Unconscious Discrimination Paradox: How Expanding Title VII to Incorporate Implicit Bias Cannot Solve the Issues Posed by Unconscious Discrimination

Curt Orshoski, Materiality Matters: Implied False Certification Liability in a Post-Escobar World

Zachary Schutz, Knowledge as a Barrier to Employment Mobility: Does Virginia Recognize the Doctrine of Inevitable Disclosure in Trade Secret Cases?

Colette McCrone, The National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard: A Chance to Settle the Natural Debate?

Katie MacDowell, Thinking Beyond Ban the Box: How to Alleviate Disproportionate Sentencing to Assist Ex-Offenders in Rejoining Society

Kara Podraza, When is a Little Too Much: An Analysis of the De Minimis Doctrine and Its Future Implications for Communication Tools on the Internet

Matthew Sweet, Stretching the Attenuation Doctrine to its Limits: How the Supreme Court Erred in Utah v. Strieff and what can be Done to Preserve the Doctrine

David Fox, Considering the Cost: Applying Michigan v. EPA to Financial Regulations